Class Officers

Class Volunteers

New class officer elections will be held digitally. You will not need to be at reunion to be nominated or to vote, so please think about how you’d like to be involved in the lead-up to our next reunion!

  • President: Katherine Bussard
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Regan Gill Falcon
  • Reunion Co-Chair: Sarah Szwajkos
  • Co-Secretary: Shannon Davis
  • Co-Secretary: Bryna Keenan Subherwal
  • Treasurer: Sara Klingebiel Howard
  • Web Chair: Barbara Dybwad
  • Fund Team Coordinator: Dawn Russell Kiely
  • Fund Team Agent: Tracy Bergstrom
  • Fund Team Agent: Jumana Dalal
  • Fund team Agent: Jamie Humphrey
  • Fund team Agent: Emily Knox
  • Fund Team Agent: Jessica Songster
  • Planned Giving Chair: Judy Sewards

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