Hello classmates! I hope this finds you well.

I feel so excited to have reached out to you recently to announce the awesome news of the Class of ’98 Endowed Scholarship Fund, which will help ensure that every qualified student from every walk of life can experience a Smith education, especially now that Smith has eliminated student loans.

Our Class of ’98 Endowed Scholarship Fund became possible thanks to Meghan Gardner’s generous seed gift. As she explained, “My experience at Smith entirely changed my life. With this gift, I wanted to inspire those that have received the gift of the Smith College experience, to pay it forward.”

Your incredible Class of ’98 Cabinet has stepped up and matched her seed gift, so I also want to offer all those volunteers my gratitude for their generosity. You can read all about the opportunity you have to join us in donating to future Smithies here—or you can email me with your questions or pledges. Here’s to paying it forward!

In the meantime, we have a reunion to plan y’all!!! So please check out our 2023 Reunion Planning page and tell our inimitable co-chairs how you want to be involved—or just head over to see their fun photos and then sign up to make our 25th reunion fabulous! Reunion registration will open up in February 2023 – stay tuned!

We can’t wait to mark this moment with you. Until then, take care, sibs.

xo, Kate Bussard

Important Links

  • Fundraising update — including information about how you can help us get a $150,000 bonus added to our newly-established Class of 1998 Endowed Scholarship!
  • 2023 Reunion Planning info — including our call for volunteers in several areas.
  • Stay in Touch — Does Smith have your correct contact info? Plus, find us on social media.
  • Planned Giving — Update from our Planned Giving Chair, Judy Sewards
  • Class Officers
  • Class Spotlight — Don’t miss Class President Kate Bussard’s exhibition at MFABoston if you’re in the area!
  • 2023 Reunion Schedule — Stay tuned for a dedicated schedule page to roll out as we get closer to the event!

Hello again, illustrious Class of 1998! And may we say you’re looking quite lovely these days?!

We hope to shower you with even more affection in person at our upcoming Milestone Reunion — if you can believe it, it’s been almost 25 years since we officially departed the hallowed halls of undergraduate life!

Those of us on the Reunion Committee are gearing up to top the energy of Reunion 20 (no small task!), and we hope you’ll join us by doing the following:

  1. Saving the dates in your calendar: Thursday, May 18 through Sunday, May 21.
  2. Bookmarking this page for future updates — we’ll be reaching out on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media too as well as in our regular class newsletters.
  3. To make sure you’re receiving those newsletters, be sure to update your contact information with Smith online, or by emailing smithierecords@smith.edu.
  4. Help us plan the reunion you want to attend! We are looking for volunteers to help us spread the excitement and widen the creative circle on our event planning.
  5. Last but in no way least: Please help us add another $150,000 to our newly launched Class of 1998 Endowed Scholarship Fund by making a gift of literally any size by the endowment match deadline of June 30, 2023. Simply select “Class of 1998 Endowed Scholarship Fund” from the Designation dropdown menu to make your gift count towards this effort!

Stay tuned for more class and reunion news over the coming months as we get closer to the big weekend — watch this space and see you all (hopefully!) soon!

Howdily doodily, good Smithies of the Great Class of 1998!

We’re going to be spending most of our time on Facebook, but wanted to say hello out here in webland and let you know where best to find us:

  • The Smith98Reunion Facebook Group is where we are most active. Come on in and reminisce about the days of yore, plus catch up on where the heck everyone has been for the past 2 decades (what?!)
  • We also have a main Facebook Page for our class, which will have logistical info but less posting and conversation — the Group vs. Page distinction is a little bit confusing (thanks, Facebook…), but bear with us and a) follow the Page and b) join the Group for more fun stuff
  • We have a Twitter account, @smith98reunion, that won’t be as essential as FB — but if you are on Twitter please do follow us; there will be Easter Eggs…
  • Also, we’ll be posting to Instagram as soon as we can figure out how to do that without having to log out and log back in from our regular accounts a zillion times a day 🙂 We hope to figure out how to do some photo-sharing as well once we get on site, so stay tuned…

Let the countdown begin! It won’t be long now ’til we’re sipping tea — and possibly some (*gasp*!) adult beverages — on a glorious campus filled with memories, our youthful ambitions, and a bunch of fierce young women who will oneday be us looking back and wondering where the hell the time went.

See you in May!!

Only one year until our (gasp!) FIFTEENTH reunion.

Please check back here regularly for the latest reunion news and information.

If you are interested in volunteering, being a reunion chair, or helping the reunion staff in any way, please drop us a line:

smith98reunion at gmail dot com